Year end list game/article

The following made my world go round in 2011

Favorite recordings of 2011 that I didn't put out:
a reiteration of the fact that I mainly only listen to my friends' musick (and indie rock)

Bill Callahan - Apocalypse, drag city
I wish the great songwriters were alive to see this. It'd be really nice to watch Jacques Brel or Townes Van Zandt or the be-wigged ghost of Bob D standing and wincing in the wings of one of Callahan's recent concerts. The best record the man has yet made and a culmination point as it feels like Callahan's work over the last two decades all led up to these seven enormous songs. This list of releases is not in order, but this record is at the top for a reason.

Angels in America - Narrow Road to the Interior, ehse records
I never expected less than a concise declaration of occluded intentions from A.I.A's first LP. Their music is morphing away from forms. I've heard a lot of talk about post-genre music lately, but this is truly on it's own. This record touches on the several magicks of power pop, power electronics, black eyeliner punk, the affected laziness of 90s indie rock and plies floorboards in the modern synthesizer composition conversation. It spews it's own environment into whatever room you play it in. Fuck yea, guys. PS: where is the Angels' flexi I heard about last year?

Container - s/t, spectrum spools
Watching Ren Schofield transform from a guitar-abusing, oscillator-twisting noise nomad champ into a confident viable minimal techno composer was as fun and disorienting as him making the best far-out dance record of the year. PS. where's the new Form a Log record?

Night Burger - What Happens Next?, deception island
Watching Noah Anthony of Social Junk transform his guitar-bashing, four-track abusing noise nomad chops into the best industrial pop record since The Downward Spiral was as strange as seemingly no one (not even Noah's next door neighbors) hearing it. I heard a friend say "it's hard to believe something this good is actually called Night Burger." The truth. Plus, Noah's cassette label Ranky Tanky has been issueing some amazing things this year: rankytanky.blogspot.com

Grouper - Alien Observer/Dream Loss, yellow electric
I like the songs hidden under the murk on this one. This lady writes good songs and plays piano a little bit like Chico Marx, I dig that.

Positive Shadow - s/t, self-released
Someody press a record for this guy already, every single release he makes is killer. Each recording he makes has a different feel and reach. This one, his second self-released album of the year after the epic slowerburner 'Fiume,' moves onto the weirdest exploratory synthesizer shiny-bog-w/occasional-crushing-drum-machine zone Henry Glover has been feeling out since relocating to the West coast. Completely doing his own thing, all the time.

Sean Mccann - The Capital, aguirre records
This is my favorite Sean Mccann album of 2011. There are 18 or so for you to choose from, all high quality, all thematically linked but individually purposed by America's kindest workaholic "compositional innovator." This one just happens to move me most. Second choice: 'Sincere World' on Amethyst Sunset.

Skull Defekts - Peer Amid/2013, thrill jockey
Skull Defekts turn into weird Kraut-punk band to back astral navigator Daniel Higgs as their new frontman. The results are stronger than my high expectations. Can fans take note. I don't make time for much contemporary rock music, but this had my full attention and their set in Baltimore last summer took my breath away. Watching people have that much fun playing experimental rock music was revelatory.

Twig Harper - s/t, hanson records
Twig Harper can always be depended on for his distinct sound. It's a thing that is dynamic in volume and texture, and non-denominational with regards to means. I've noticed Twig will seemingly utilize anything as an instrument or perhaps more accurately as a source. And the sound moves a lot, sometimes on it's own, as Harper's handmade synths are designed for a degree of random fluctuation. The sound moves erratically between hellish stormwind blare and meditative spirals of sound-as-color, listener-as-canvas with the vibe clearly set to prankster craftsman. Twig breathes his own greasy air and by now his musical works speak in their own language. Sometimes this language is mumbled, feels tossed off or diary-style, which fits perfectly into the oeuvre of a guy who's kept tape rolling on so much of his life to revisit and reconfigure at a later date. But when that voice has spoken more infrequently, as with the considerably lower rate of output from Twig and Nautical Almanac in the last few years, and when it chooses to issue forth loud, full, clear and bright eyed as this album is, his skill and mastery is apparent. Also of note, it's the first noise record that I might call morning music, I put it on with my coffee and eggs alot.

Relay for Death - They are heating up the ovens get the fuck out now, no rent records
This short album by Rachel and Roxann Spikula opens with more than one full minute of silence before spinning, humming bursts of amplified sound drop into the stereo range... but you can hear them. In the vaccuum of that minute, you hear the sisters waiting, preparing the delivery of the dark, vast record that follows. It's a genuinely creepy feeling. This CD is a follow up to, and in my opinion improvement on, their 2010 LP on Hansen. All of RFD's work occupies a space in the modern noise frame without diving into the realm of Harsh noise's repetitious grate. Hideous, maybe, and piercing sometimes, but never desensitising slabs of maxed abrasive sound. The pieces creep up on and bristle against the listener that lets them in. The utilization and sheer amount of silence in this record is enough to show a deft hand(or to appease my taste for empty/negative space as a compositional tool). But I find myself asking, at what? And towards what goal? RFD seem to understand that mystery is important; they don't show their hand or explain anything and the live set I saw this year was confusing as hell. The twins have won again: best feel bad, be nervous, truly haunted house record of the year.

Russian Tsarlag - Eternal Flame, ranky tanky
Just before Carlos Gonzales played his set at the Burning Fleshtival this summer, a friend leaned into my ear and whispered "here he is, the only musician that matters." I know it's a lofty statement about a guy who lives in obscurity in the suburbs of Tampa, but as each increasingly refined, thoroughly damaged and otherworldy Tsarlag album drops, I believe more and more. Using humble tools and carefully measured words, he's painting a beautiful picture of life in the ruins of our civilisation. As I said before of Positive Shadow's Henry Glover: completely doing his own thing, all the time. And that's really what I love and want out of any musick at this point. No fakery, no aligning to dialed in excercises or trends. Shaping a world for a listener to get lost in or contextualise their lives. Not dragging a lake for a cache of assumable poses. The hour is getting late and we don't have time for the bullshit, but in most things besides listening we don't have a whole lot of choice. Carlos knows.

Other favorites:
Dinner Music - Clam Bake, human conduct
Cuticle - Voyeur Martyr Motherfucker, human conduct
Weyes Blood & her Dark Juices - The Outside Room, not not fun
Max Eilbacher - Al-hashr demo, self released
Five Mask - 23Hall & Mirror, self released digital: www.mediafire.com/?bj24ou0y1bbj51f
Five Mask - Zero Go/Network Glass, self released digital: www.mediafire.com/?gwob479dkwb5b81
Skeleton Warrior/Meager Sunlite split, hot releases and 50 other labels
Hands Rendered Useless - Mists of Lace, city mortuary
Driphouse, Root 91/Spectrum008, root strata/spectrum spools (excellent style, available in both forms on itunes, wtf)
Mandelbrot & Skyy - OD-Axis, digitalis ltd
Drake - Take Care, young money corporate juggernaut
Motion Sickness of Time Travel - A Forest Aching Cold reissue, reverb worship
Taterbug - Theme for Gasoline Weirdo, night people
Three Legged Race - As Ed Sunspot, night people
Three Legged Race - Raining Order, nna
Golden Retriever - Arda Viraf, agents of chaos
Sister Midnight - Reflection of Legs, (edition of 12, oh man)

2 records I know I'd like but didn't hear in 2011:
Rale - Some Kissed Charms That Would Not Protect Them, isounderscore
Whitman - Dog Rose Gall, folktale

2 records I heard for the first time that changed my life in 2011:
Ghedalia Tazartes - Diasporas
Robert Turman - Way Down

Favorite live performer of the year:
Viszk - This human is doing something that is so personal and powerful to me that I get completely taken over and hynotised whenever I've seen them perform. It might be upsetting for people viewing it but we don't get stronger thru avoidance. We get stronger by being confronted with what and how Viszk will show us, among other things. Also, there are no recordings or video approved by the artist or forthcoming, so see it in person if you have the chance.

Top 5 Work/Death sets of the year:
5. June 29 at Outpost 186, Boston
4. July 5 in a basement, Asheville NC
3. July 15 at Bitchpork 3, Chicago
2. July 25 at Port D'or, Brooklyn
1. November 19 at In Limbo fest, Providence

Best non-Work/Death sets I witnessed this year in chronological order:
Sean Mccann, Joseph Hammer at the Smell, Los Angeles, January 13
Narwhals of Sound, Whiff(Mountain/Nelson/Eilbacher), C. Spencer Yeh at the Bank, Baltimore January 22
USA Baby, Time Ghost at USSDF America, Baltimore, February ?
Sharon Kraus, Fursaxa at Tribalhaus, Baltimore, June 16
Phil Niblock, Kyle Clyde, Yellow Tears, Cowards, Jason Soliday, Pharmakon at Ende Tymes Festival, Queens, June 24-26
Larry Marshall at Carpenter Street, Providence, June 28
Jeff Zagers at some storage unit, Tampa, July 8
Wasteland Jazz Unit at Mockabee, Cinncinati, July 18
Tracey Trance, Metalux, Black Chicken & the Mad Cattle, Angels in America, Turtle Powder at Bitchpork 3, Mortville, Chicago, July 15-17
Diaphragm (from drunken journal entry: "Nick Pace reinvigorates trip hop as an afterthought to the most threatening/dreamy post-everything set I saw in five weeks on tour, kick off, hands shaking, touchdown"), Viszk (Eli playing Eli), Lazy Magnet, Russian Tsarlag, Yellow Tears (more drunk journal: "black magic baseball bat at the end of obstacle course piss rainbow"), USA Baby, Secret Boyfriend at Burning Fleshtival 3, Red Light District, Far Rockaway, July 29 & 30
Bee Mask, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Telecult Powers, Container, Radio People(Goldberg/Ho/Host[shrooming]), Twig Harper, Weyes Blood, DJ Dogdick, Unicorn Hard-On at Voice of the Valley 3, Pentress WV, August 26-28
Stare Case collaborating with fire alarm at Str8 Cavin, Baltimore, September 8
Five Mask at Tribalhaus, Baltimore, September 16
Lea Bertucci, Max Eilbacher at the Dense Mesh concert series, Brooklyn, October 22
Container, Unicorn Hard-On, Moemlien, Lazer Poodle at the Hampshire college dining hall, W. Mass, October 2?
Night Burger, Motiv-A, Viszk, Lack, Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Noise Nomads, Stillbirth, Humanbeast, John Mannion at In Limbo fest, Providence, November 18 & 19
Hands Rendered Useless, Time Ghost, John Mannion at the Red Light District, Far Rockaway, December 12

Thanks to all these people for their work and sweat and blood and energy. Thanks to Scott Reber and Brian Blomerth for taking my silly ass along on the two best tours of my life. My blog is now one year old and I am no wiser. Finally, I want to say that if you're excited about new music please buy more of it. I can imagine that I hear sighs of exasperation, but I'm serious. Supporting this stuff is crucial. This was THE year when all my friends who run labels, distros and record stores discussed closing up shop due to lack of sales. Which is funny to me because I feel like more people than ever before are hearing the sort of tunes they're hocking, right? It remains to be seen if this is a passing by-product of the terminal/permanent economic recession or standing backlash against a growing glut of cultural-garbage. Either way, if you like any F.U.B.U. poor people musick and you want to see it proliferate you might have to be a patron to it in some way other than mediafire. Alright, I ain't preaching, though, enjoy yourselves. 2012 XD


Cavelife Update, November 30, 2011

Four new tapes ready for your listening pleasure and the holiday season

CL021 – Concrete Shiva – "Slip from the Transparent Beam" c30
Two long form pieces for mandolin, voice and electronics from Los Angeles' Maria Garcia, showing her constantly evolving approach to crafting sound. Her work touches on a variety of different modes; fragments of layered field recordings, unholy minimalism and dream pop are glimpsed momentarily but Garcia is clearly tilling her own soil. Reference points get devoured and dissolve into the wider picture of what's being shown and explored. Piercing high tones and controlled feedback stir and burn up melodic framework; a set of goals completely on it’s own wavelength rings out. Powerful and majestic music. Special coffee-dyed cardstock covers for this one.

CL023 – Banal Beauty – "Sandmutopia" c20
Andrew P. Storrs (Rum Raisin, Pagan Time Travel Home Video) looses a far out score for a 1970s PBS documentary on Midatlantic ravens in the 17th century. Envisioning reenactment footage of the 1669 Baltimore Renn-Faire, his fingers dancing across the keys of the Teisco S-100P synthesizer, an anomaly is birthed in Storrs’ musical trajectory. One that represents the best qualities of its elusive creator. Modern antique synthesizer composition for fans of Creel Pone, subterranean reality television and classical music.

CL024 – Salamander Wool – "Espionage Briefcase" c60
Carson Garhart is a luthier, trucker, flautist, audio engineer and one third of the ridiculously high-minded Sejayno who resides in Baltimore. In his solo Salamander Wool guise he's been hard at work for years crafting a surreal hybrid of outsider techno, exploratory electronics, eclectic songwriting and esoteric jokes which is crystallizing now into one of the rarest birds in modern music. This hour long cassette serves as a sort of mixtape bridge between 2009's 'Lunarsophic Somnabulist' and the forthcoming 'Solar Solipsis' LPs on Ehse Records. Envision European club culture filtered thru an American approximation of Balkan folk music, all digitally slurred and melted with software and lurking in a cloud of purple smoke. Potent, weird, possibly dangerous and essential.

CL025 – Max Eilbacher – "Mescalin Headache" c30
Cavelife is proud to present the solo debut of Maryland's foremost electronic wunderkind. Max has played in and toured with numerous groups over the last few years, all the while fronting his teenage-noise turned caveman-intellectual rock band Needle Gun since high school. In early 2011, he began giving solo performances with a modular synth of his own design and whatever Casios, tape machines, biofeedback monitors, eerie homemade video and performance art ideas he found lying around the wasteland of Southwest Baltimore. And these sides reflect where they were borne out, this is not temperate work. There's no synthesizer drone or arpeggiator muck in the driver's seat like so much of the recent synth 'boum.' There are stylistic jumps and blind turns all over a quickly changing terrain. At times it feels like Eilbacher's sliding sideways into his own fucked up urban sci-fi world, taking you with him but the calm and unhurried manner makes the trip surefooted, comfortable even. A bold debut that's not to be missed.

Sound samples of all four tapes available at http://soundcloud.com/cavelife

Each tape is $7 US/$9 world ppd

Contact/paypal: emfk4@hotmail.com
All the tapes were hand-assembled and dubbed at home on a professional-grade duplicator and feature full color artwork and labels.
Feel free to get in touch with me regarding trades, package deals, etc.

The Missing Paperboy (Charles Free) - "Must Lull Jingles for Fried Eagles" c18
Tracey Trance - "Images Are Me" c30
Black Church (Kim Free) - "Down With Hades" c18
Sparkling Wide Pressure - "Gripping the Shore" c40
Charles Free presents Timothy Wind - "Live: Vinnie's Treasured Chest" cassette
Terrible Yout - "Night at the Vulcan" cassette


Monday at the Bank

third Grid work performance


"what are you waiting for?"

Grid work : RC/EF/MK


Lolly Gesserit Live 9/6/11

excellent view 
piece titled "Kirby and Kmiec bicycling to Pittsburgh"
autoharp, tapes, electronics, acoustic guitar


Talking in the parking lot outside, Lansing, MI

Even if anything from any danger
Said one side and that
Several times in white land 
Anything to pay you to imagine 
Friend answered with professor summary... 
That they were driven by them? 
Clock when she loved her marriage 
Second stain upon this mystery? 
Chair and myself that happened


Terrors LP/NY robbery

Terrors 'Lagan qord' lp/cd released recently on the Weird Forest label.
Collected tracks from the last 4 years/tapes in the loner reverb-manipulation situation I've been exploring in that project. Very pleased with the sound and look of these.

Bad news: Tracey Trance and I got robbed in Far Rockaway at the Red Light District's Burning Fleshtival. Someone broke into T's car right out front and stole a bunch of our music equipment, cell phones, my camera, T's laptop with his new album/debut Tracey Trance LP on it. Total bummer. They went into my gear case and stole only a Loud Objects toy synthesizer. Something about them taking that, on top of other things they didn't steal which were more valuable, makes me think we were the victims of some bleak inside-weirdo thievery. If anyone attending the BF noticed anything suspicious on the night of July 29th, please let us know. The main thing would be to get Tracey's computer with all his recordings back. I've had master recordings stolen before. Things that don't mean anything to a thief but are priceless to their makers, it's a horrible feeling. I know it's an slim chance of recovering this stuff, but I wanted to put the word out there.

Stolen items:
  1. 1/2 size black Fender Mustang copy electric bass
  2. Casio mt-210 (the word 'MOJE' is painted on the top in white out pen)
  3. Loud Objects 'Manatees' toy synthesizer (small red circuit board with one big silver switch on it)
  4. Beat-up Palm Pre cell phone
  5. beat-up silver Casio Exilim digital camera (w/ 3000 pictures of Scott Reber and abandoned buildings on it)
  6. Tracey's laptop (I'll try to find out the model)

Otherwise had an amazing time, Red Light folks set the bar for weird music fests: high quality music, cheap, intimate, depraved (truly depraved, not tripping on drugs in an alley trying to get laid). Maximum weird and pleasant besides this instance. Again, any info would be really appreciated.



June 24 - behind silver lining - august 28

Work/Death and Lolly Gesserit summer tour

sun 06.26 queens, ny @ ende tymes festival
tue 06.28 providence, ri w/ larry marshall(!) @ carpenter street office
wed 06.29 boston/cambridge w/high aura'd @ outpost 186
thr 06.30 northampton, ma @ the elevens
fri 07.01 philadelphia, pa w/ slow tongued beauty, epileptinomicon, gene pick @ recovery house
sat 07.02 baltimore, md w/ angels in america, dogdick, weyes blood, mark lord, humanbeast, luminous mario & dieglo @ the bank
mon 07.04 carrboro nc w/ headcase, total hole, yohimbe @ meadows of dan
tue 07.05 asheville, nc w/ witches piss @ bike dungeon
wed 07.06 jacksonville, fl w/ plagues, dylan tietze, jamison williams, monolith transmission no. 4
thr 07.07 gainesville, fl w/ hal mcgee, black moon black sun, monolith transmission no. 5, ironing, more @ the laboratory
fri 07.08 tampa, fl w/ then and than, table @ in a drawer / heinrich's workshop
sat 07.09 atlanta, ga w/ graham moore @ eyedrum
sun 07.10 nashville, tn w/ unicorn hard-on, container @ betty's
mon 07.11 st. louis, mo @ glistening labs
tue 07.12 iowa city, ia w/ schwing pimpler, alex body, sax sax sax sax @ hoffman's
wed 07.13 minneapolis, mn @ medusa
thr 07.14 madison, wi w/ batillus @ lothlorien co-op
fri 07.15 chicago, il @ bitchpork festival
sat 07.16 chicago, il
sun 07.17 chicago
mon 07.18 cinncinati, oh w/ wasteland jazz unit, pusdrainer @ mockabee
tue 07.19 columbus, oh w/ morgan evans-weiler, nexus, crotch curiosity @ bat chapters

wed 07.20 lansing, mi w/ petal boat @ mac's
thr 07.21 kent, oh @ stone tavern
fri 07.22 cleveland, oh @ bela dubby
sat 07.23 pittsburgh, pa @ helter shelter
sun 07.24 syracuse, ny @ badlands
mon 07.25 brooklyn, ny w/cowards, isa christ, vellum, dj dark matter music box @ port d'or
thr 07.28 providence w/ humanbeast, sissisters, concrete shiva, tarr @ paragon

Putting together a bunch of new cavelife tapes and crushed velvet rope ladder tapes for the trip

CL set:
banal beauty - sandmutopia cs
concrete shiva - slip from the transparent beam cs
salamander wool - espionage briefcase cs
max eilbacher - mescalin headache cs
plus reissues of tapes by the missing paperboy, tracey trance, wd, black church, slaughtering dolphins

CVRL set:
tommi's secret shelf? cs
lolly gesserit - time to bare time cs
lolly gesserit - lilac for nicholson cs


... ... ... ... ... ... ...

"Weak Magic" by Concrete Shiva
excerpt from forthcoming Slip from the Transparent Beam cassette on Cavelife


Ezry's birthday

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

"Child's Benefactor" by Banal Beauty
excerpt from forthcoming Sandmutopia cassette on Cavelife


Lolly Gesserit - Reinstall Windows

3rd missive from new solo project
drum programming experiments and tape collage with occasional crooning
byproduct of demoralizing visit to the golden state
headphone-listening for heavy rains
available now on beachhouse


Scheint Roleswad

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Catonsville haunted house workday

I stripped these walls of their markings; a full spectral snake skin of memory, the previous tenant had lived in this house since the day she was born
Who's next

Alice w/ strings trove; reverse chronology

All this work was recorded over the course of 15 months in the early 1970s.
This work, as well as the rest of sister's catalogue, has been a well of inspiration to me.

Don't go to sleep to dream

Raag Manjh Khamaj

Annapurna devi


USA Baby/Time Ghost at America

Saw USA Baby play two sets at WZ America the other night. Probably my favorite band currently recording and touring. Seeing them play live after hearing their tape on the Nazot label cemented my admiration. The sister & brother two-piece move between sections of loud chaotic punk songs and loose, southern rock and psychedelia-tinged soloing which can turn flax-thin or weird-boogie thick and then bounce back to shutdown grit-wave again on a moments notice. Their songwriting is familiar and at the same time like nothing else I've heard and the vocals are great. Sonorous wailing like an angry drunk Lil' Jimmy Scott fronting a punk/soul hybrid. That's what it is: contemporary punk and soul, with reference points stretching as far as Sonny Sharrock, Mars, Red Krayola and Paleface. The second, maybe more technically accomplished, set was a pure treat for diehard freaks still hanging out at 3 am.

Also impeccable the same night was Time Ghost from Providence. A solo unit using equal and overlapping parts cutup noise, blown out fractured vocals, propulsive industrial beats and blurry guttural synthesizer exploration. He played in the tight space beneath Lifers' tower with a set of voltage-controlled lights that flicker and swell in brightness according to the volume and density of his music, which is really dynamic. He made a long, passionate speech which was rendered almost inaudible by a vibrato synth processing and used a light-theremin retainer/bit device which responded to the flare ups and flickering of his lights as he writhed around, wide-open-smile sensual creep style, caressing and hanging from the wood frame of Lifers' tower.

Good night all around, lucky I was biking by when I was, I had no idea there was a show going on beforehand.


... ... ...

You'll always find me, right there in the shade


.... .... ....

best kitchen, best film

i will be home soon, whatever that is


Lorraine Gesserit & Narwhals of Sound - US tourdates, January 2011

Q Lazarus of the travelling crust

10.01.2011 - pehrspace w/ mikki & the mauses, slum witch | los angeles, ca
16.01.2011 - rhinoceropolis w/ pictureplane | denver, co
17.01.2011 - the blue moose w/ hot attitude | iowa city. ia
18.01.2011 - nightmare house w/ samantha glass, problem child, supergun | madison, wi
19.01.2011 - mortville | chicago, il
20.01.2011 - tba | cinncinati, oh
21.01.2011 - tba | west virginia
22.01.2011 - the bank w/ c. spencer yeh, whiff, tba | baltimore, md

See you out there


Crushed velvet rope ladder records #3 & 4

started a new label recently
a deeper level of obscurity and occlusion
the first public releases

cvrl #3: Lolly Gesserit "Slow down and fall out" cassette
second release under new solo guise. 4 track recordings made in samantha glass & loudon nute's kitchen during visit to wisconsin last summer. splicing dub rhythms, screwed down vocals, hammond organ and tape manipulation to create a warm grim meditative blur. conceived under the influence of the 2nd floor of the madison public library and the southeastern shore of lake mendota. edition of 40 high bias solid black c22s in clear cases with full color covers and labels


cvrl #4: T.J. Drinkwater & Feline Throne "Whippit squat co-op" split cassette
live document of two short-lived ensembles fronted by leopard print snake charmer sci-fi sam benson (tomorrow pig, black rotisserie). the first side pairs sammy's unhinged crooning with fragmented glassy synth, drum machine pulses and heavy stereo delay in iowa city. On the flip he looses exalted howling over a digital slurry of gutter tape collage, skree oscillators and grotesquely out of phase drum sequencing in zabriskie point, california. Full of subliminal in-jokes & cosmic grabass. "like it or not you all in the family now." featuring various shadowy members of pinochio, sister midnight, president centipede, mandlebrott & skyy and au revoir les beaux garcons. edition of 60 high bias solid black c22s in clear cases with full color covers and labels


cassettes are $7 postage paid in the US, $9 abroad
please email any questions: emfk4@hotmail.com

next on c.v.r.l.:
lolly gesserit "time to bare time" cassette

next elsewhere:
lolly gesserit "reinstall windows" cassette - beachhouse