Lolly Gesserit - Reinstall Windows

3rd missive from new solo project
drum programming experiments and tape collage with occasional crooning
byproduct of demoralizing visit to the golden state
headphone-listening for heavy rains
available now on beachhouse


Scheint Roleswad

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Catonsville haunted house workday

I stripped these walls of their markings; a full spectral snake skin of memory, the previous tenant had lived in this house since the day she was born
Who's next

Alice w/ strings trove; reverse chronology

All this work was recorded over the course of 15 months in the early 1970s.
This work, as well as the rest of sister's catalogue, has been a well of inspiration to me.

Don't go to sleep to dream

Raag Manjh Khamaj

Annapurna devi