Terrors LP/NY robbery

Terrors 'Lagan qord' lp/cd released recently on the Weird Forest label.
Collected tracks from the last 4 years/tapes in the loner reverb-manipulation situation I've been exploring in that project. Very pleased with the sound and look of these.

Bad news: Tracey Trance and I got robbed in Far Rockaway at the Red Light District's Burning Fleshtival. Someone broke into T's car right out front and stole a bunch of our music equipment, cell phones, my camera, T's laptop with his new album/debut Tracey Trance LP on it. Total bummer. They went into my gear case and stole only a Loud Objects toy synthesizer. Something about them taking that, on top of other things they didn't steal which were more valuable, makes me think we were the victims of some bleak inside-weirdo thievery. If anyone attending the BF noticed anything suspicious on the night of July 29th, please let us know. The main thing would be to get Tracey's computer with all his recordings back. I've had master recordings stolen before. Things that don't mean anything to a thief but are priceless to their makers, it's a horrible feeling. I know it's an slim chance of recovering this stuff, but I wanted to put the word out there.

Stolen items:
  1. 1/2 size black Fender Mustang copy electric bass
  2. Casio mt-210 (the word 'MOJE' is painted on the top in white out pen)
  3. Loud Objects 'Manatees' toy synthesizer (small red circuit board with one big silver switch on it)
  4. Beat-up Palm Pre cell phone
  5. beat-up silver Casio Exilim digital camera (w/ 3000 pictures of Scott Reber and abandoned buildings on it)
  6. Tracey's laptop (I'll try to find out the model)

Otherwise had an amazing time, Red Light folks set the bar for weird music fests: high quality music, cheap, intimate, depraved (truly depraved, not tripping on drugs in an alley trying to get laid). Maximum weird and pleasant besides this instance. Again, any info would be really appreciated.