Cavelife Update, November 30, 2011

Four new tapes ready for your listening pleasure and the holiday season

CL021 – Concrete Shiva – "Slip from the Transparent Beam" c30
Two long form pieces for mandolin, voice and electronics from Los Angeles' Maria Garcia, showing her constantly evolving approach to crafting sound. Her work touches on a variety of different modes; fragments of layered field recordings, unholy minimalism and dream pop are glimpsed momentarily but Garcia is clearly tilling her own soil. Reference points get devoured and dissolve into the wider picture of what's being shown and explored. Piercing high tones and controlled feedback stir and burn up melodic framework; a set of goals completely on it’s own wavelength rings out. Powerful and majestic music. Special coffee-dyed cardstock covers for this one.

CL023 – Banal Beauty – "Sandmutopia" c20
Andrew P. Storrs (Rum Raisin, Pagan Time Travel Home Video) looses a far out score for a 1970s PBS documentary on Midatlantic ravens in the 17th century. Envisioning reenactment footage of the 1669 Baltimore Renn-Faire, his fingers dancing across the keys of the Teisco S-100P synthesizer, an anomaly is birthed in Storrs’ musical trajectory. One that represents the best qualities of its elusive creator. Modern antique synthesizer composition for fans of Creel Pone, subterranean reality television and classical music.

CL024 – Salamander Wool – "Espionage Briefcase" c60
Carson Garhart is a luthier, trucker, flautist, audio engineer and one third of the ridiculously high-minded Sejayno who resides in Baltimore. In his solo Salamander Wool guise he's been hard at work for years crafting a surreal hybrid of outsider techno, exploratory electronics, eclectic songwriting and esoteric jokes which is crystallizing now into one of the rarest birds in modern music. This hour long cassette serves as a sort of mixtape bridge between 2009's 'Lunarsophic Somnabulist' and the forthcoming 'Solar Solipsis' LPs on Ehse Records. Envision European club culture filtered thru an American approximation of Balkan folk music, all digitally slurred and melted with software and lurking in a cloud of purple smoke. Potent, weird, possibly dangerous and essential.

CL025 – Max Eilbacher – "Mescalin Headache" c30
Cavelife is proud to present the solo debut of Maryland's foremost electronic wunderkind. Max has played in and toured with numerous groups over the last few years, all the while fronting his teenage-noise turned caveman-intellectual rock band Needle Gun since high school. In early 2011, he began giving solo performances with a modular synth of his own design and whatever Casios, tape machines, biofeedback monitors, eerie homemade video and performance art ideas he found lying around the wasteland of Southwest Baltimore. And these sides reflect where they were borne out, this is not temperate work. There's no synthesizer drone or arpeggiator muck in the driver's seat like so much of the recent synth 'boum.' There are stylistic jumps and blind turns all over a quickly changing terrain. At times it feels like Eilbacher's sliding sideways into his own fucked up urban sci-fi world, taking you with him but the calm and unhurried manner makes the trip surefooted, comfortable even. A bold debut that's not to be missed.

Sound samples of all four tapes available at http://soundcloud.com/cavelife

Each tape is $7 US/$9 world ppd

Contact/paypal: emfk4@hotmail.com
All the tapes were hand-assembled and dubbed at home on a professional-grade duplicator and feature full color artwork and labels.
Feel free to get in touch with me regarding trades, package deals, etc.

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Sparkling Wide Pressure - "Gripping the Shore" c40
Charles Free presents Timothy Wind - "Live: Vinnie's Treasured Chest" cassette
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